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Round Diamond Shape T-Shirt

Round Diamond Shape T-Shirt
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Is your favorite shape of diamond the round brilliant cut? If so, you need the Round Diamond Shape T-Shirt from Ziamond. We all love diamonds and sparkly things so why not show off your favorite shape or cut of diamond on a fun and fashionable shirt like this round diamond tee. Did you know that the shape of diamond you prefer says a lot about your personality? For example, lovers of the round shape typically display some of the following personality traits; dependable, traditional, likable, family oriented, loyal, and easy going. Round diamonds, also known as the brilliant cut, are still considered the most brilliant of all the diamond shapes. They have 58 facets that are precisely placed to disperse maximum fire and sparkle. Reports state that round diamonds are still the most popular shape of diamond set in engagement rings. These t-shirts make for an awesome gift for a friend or loved one. Each round diamond image is a high resolution picture printed on the most up to date apparel printing methods on super soft 100% cotton fitted ladies shirts. These t-shirts come in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large. Available in white or black color shirts, but if you are looking for a custom color not shown, let us know and we look into it for you.
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Round Diamond Shape T-ShirtRound Diamond Shape T-ShirtRound Diamond Shape T-Shirt