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Welcome to ZIAMOND customer service portal

Please use this web-based system to communicate with us. It helps us provide you with faster service and it allows you to keep an archive of all communication between you and our support team.

When a support request is submitted on the web site, an email is instantly sent to the appropriate consultant. The consultant then responds to the request via the website, and an email message is automatically sent to you, notifying you that your request has been updated.

As the discussion with the consultant progresses, each entry is logged, providing a history of steps taken to resolve the issue or answer your question. If you are out of the office for a day, another staff member from your organization can easily get up to speed on the issue by reading the discussion history, and then work with our consultant to reach a solution.

Of course, each of our client's support requests are completely confidential.

Thank you for choosing ZIAMOND