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Ziamond Cubic Zirconia CZ Jewelers Frequently Asked Questions

Ziamond F.A.Q.

At Ziamond we do not leave anything to chance. We stay up to date with every modern technological advancement in the Jewelry and Diamond industries. You are guaranteed the finest professional service, knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship. Ziamond may not always be the least expensive, but we will always be the best. That is what our customers demand and that is always what we will deliver.

Can you tell the difference between a Ziamond Cubic Zirconia cz and a diamond?
Not without testing the gem to see what the heat conductivity is (a diamond can conduct more heat,) or they must remove the gem from the mounting and weigh it (a cubic zirconia weighs about 1.8 times heavier than a diamond.) These are the traditional tests that must be conducted to tell the difference. There have been many instances to see if jewelers can tell the difference just by examining the gems with the naked eye. Over and over again, it was inconclusive. Jewelers could not tell the difference just by looking at the gems. Remember it is a 50/50 guess to identify a gem by visual inspection, it is not a scientific method of authentication. That is why certified and degreed gemologists exist, they must use gemological equipment for testing and verification.

Will a Ziamond Cubic Zirconia scratch glass?
Yes! Glass is only about a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Ziamond's Russian Cubic Zirconia is much harder, therefore it can easily scratch glass.

Are there different qualities of Cubic Zirconia?
Definitely! The many different grades are based on the purity of ingredients, the proportions of the formula, and the temperature and pressure at which the elements are combined. Each stage is critical in the production to ensure the best outcome. Ziamond utilizes only the finest grade cubic zirconia, the original Russian formula.

What is the difference between Ziamond's created Rubies and Sapphires vs. natural Rubies and Sapphires?
Nothing! The only difference is that one is created in a laboratory and the other is created by nature. Ziamond's Rubies and Sapphires are synthetic Corundum (Latin name for Ruby and Sapphire.) They are chemically, physically and optically the same as natural Rubies or Sapphires. They are even just as hard, a 9.0 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Can Ziamond copy anything?
Almost. We pride ourselves on the ability to be able to design any piece of jewelry. However, there are occasions where legal issues (i.e.: patents, trademarks and copyrights) will prevent us from matching an item to exact detail. Ziamond will always offer our customers many different options that they may consider.

Does Ziamond jewelry have a CZ stamp in it or any other markings that would identify the jewelry as cubic zirconia?
No. Ziamond’s jewelry has no CZ stamps or any other stamps that would indicate cubic zirconia.

Does all of Ziamond's white gold jewelry have a rhodium finish?
Yes, all Ziamond white gold jewelry has a rhodium finish applied. This provides a lustrous Platinum like color and finish that deters scratches and emulates the color of luxurious Platinum. White gold in and of itself is not very white, it is actually yellow gold mixed with alloys to give a whiter look like Platinum, but it is still a bit yellowish in tone, that is an additional reason for a rhodium finish. All fine diamond jewelry in white gold will have a rhodium finish.

Does Ziamond have a catalog?
Sorry, we do not produce a print catalog. Due to the constant updating of our line and our website, printed catalogs become obsolete very quickly. Ziamond has over 1500 items displayed on our website.