2.5 Carat 9mm Round Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone

2.5 Carat 9mm Round Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone
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Ziamond's 2.5 carat round cubic zirconia loose stones cz measure 9mm in diameter and are the finest diamond simulants available created from the original Russian formula lab created laboratory grown cubic zirconia. The round shape, also known as the brilliant cut, has set the standard for all other shapes and is so popular that it accounts for more than 75% of all shapes sold today. Ziamond's 2.5 carat round cubic zirconia loose stone's 58-facet cut is divided among its crown (top), girdle (widest part) and pavilion (base), is calibrated through a precise formula to achieve the maximum in fire and brilliance. In addition, all Ziamond high quality cubic zirconia loose stones are exclusively hand cut and hand polished to very stringent diamond standards. The round shape shape is regarded, by many experts, as the epitome of all gem stone shapes. Due to its precision proportions, it remains the most brilliant of all shapes. Choose your preferred color among the options listed below.

If you do not see the size or color you are looking for, Ziamond provides special cutting services via SPECIAL ORDER. Simply e-mail us at info@Ziamond.com with your exact requirements, and we will respond with a quote. If you would like us to replicate an existing diamond you already have, for travel or insurance purposes, just send us a copy of your written appraisal with the dimensions of your stone, and Ziamond will hand cut a Cubic Zirconia replica cz stone to those exact dimensions. There are no returns on all loose stones.
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