12 Carat 14x12mm Emerald Radiant Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone, Russian Formula

12 Carat 14x12mm Emerald Radiant Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stone
LSER120 $1,200.00

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Ziamond's 12 carat Emerald Radiant Cut cubic zirconia loose stone measures 14x12 mm in length and width. The Ziamond 12 carat emerald radiant cut lab created laboratory grown cubic zirconia loose stones are a rectangular shape with a radiant faceting pattern that blends the traditional emerald step cut along with the fire of a round cut resulting in a 104 facets of brilliance. This cut of stone is also sometimes referred to as a starburst faceting pattern. All Ziamond cubic zirconia utilizes hand cut and hand polished Russian formula cz cut to exact diamond standards. Choose your preferred size and color of Ziamond 12 carat emerald radiant cut cubic zirconia loose stones within the options listed. If you do not see the size you are looking for, Ziamond provides special cutting services via SPECIAL ORDER. Simply e-mail us at info@Ziamond.com with your exact requirements, and we will provide a quote. You may also have us replicate a copy your diamond (for travel or insurance purposes), simply send us a copy of your written appraisal with the dimensions of your stone, and Ziamond will hand cut a replica Cubic Zirconia stone to those exact dimensions. There are no returns on loose stones, see the Info page for our terms and conditions.
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